CNCL: an update

When I got to work this evening, I approached CW/S and said “I’d better watch my back tonight, huh?”

To which she replied,  “Nope! They’re gone! We got the old cleaning people back.”

My first thought was “Yessssssssssssssssssss!”

See, the old cleaning people were a nice man and a nice lady and we LOVED them.  The lady always wore a headscarf and had skin the color of rich chocolate.  Sometimes, she brought her little boy with her and he helped her.

They were always nice and we didn’t mind talking with them because they weren’t completely out of their gourds.

Not out of their gourds at all, in fact.

[My mp3 player conveniently just cued up “Insane in the Brain” by Cypress Hill. How appropriate]

Anyway, back to tonight.  About ten minutes after I talked to CW/S about the cleaning crew, she walked by, tapped the guy sitting next to me, and said “Come with me, I have to talk to the cleaning people.”


She came back a few minutes later to tell me that manager lady had called and said “Crazy cleaning lady is there! I just saw her!”

She was NOT supposed to be here. Nor were her co-cleaners.

Upon hearing this, I broke into a cold sweat. “What if she really DID have a gun?! Am I in for it?!”

CW/S said that she had to tell CNCL and crew that they were to be gone by 6:15 pm.

At being told this, CNCL simply said, “Ooh we’d better hurry!”


Maybe Monday when I get back, pretty, headscarf-wearing nice cleaning lady will be here.

We can only hope.


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