I HAD to! -or- Did you just let one?

 recovered from blog version 1.0:

don’t you love it when you have a pair of flip-flops that you keep at the office -y’know, just for jammin’ around your area so you’re not killing your feet in heels- and, as you’re walking from your coworker’s office to yours, you do a small “oops i tripped!”-type thing, only it’s on CARPET so the front of your flip-flop bends under, drags on the carpet, and makes a totally fartical sound RIGHT as you’re passing in front of someone else’s office?

yeah. me too.

and how do you recover from that? “oh, hey, jason. i swear i didn’t fart in front of your office door just now. it was my shoe.”

and what if you walk off? can you go BACK and try to explain? well, you’d probably look like it took you a few to come up with a legitimate-sounding excuse for the noise, so no.


One thought on “I HAD to! -or- Did you just let one?

  1. The Silver Fox says:

    That’s a no win situation. What ever you do will just make it worse.

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