The scariest woman in the world and how I ALMOST got over her. (This is a long one, folks)

The scariest woman in the world is not even an actual woman. SHe’s a man, dressed as a woman. With prosthetic makeup. Made to look like someone who has spinal meningitis and is severely malnourished.

Oh, yes, I’m talking about ZELDA GOLDMAN, the sister from the movie Pet Sematary.

First, a little background:

When I was a little kid, like nine or ten, I watched Pet Sematary for the first time.  It always galled me that the kids who made the sign in the movie and book misspelled cemetery.  I was a stickler for spelling, even at that age.

Anywho, I watched the movie with my brother and sister, who are both older.  I wasn’t at all bothered by Pascow, the character who got hit by a car and had his brains splattered everywhere.


But I didn’t care.

I wasn’t even bothered by Gage, the small child, getting hit by a truck and watching his foot roll away in his tiny sneaker.

Small potatoes.

At some point in the movie, the wife and husband characters are lying in bed, talking.  Seems like a fairly benign scene, yes?


As the wife begins talking about her childhood, we see a flashback of her speaking about her sister. ZELDA.  Zelda was kept in the back bedroom of her parents’ house, out of sight.

What got me was watching Zelda zelda1.jpg (that’s her) writhe around on her bed while her sister (wife character as a child) shoved gruel in her mouth only to have Zelda start choking and die.

Ok, so that part didn’t REALLY get me that bad.  It was disturbing, but only somewhat.

After that part passed I thought, “Ok. I’m okay. That wasn’t that bad.”

I had no idea what I was in for.

Later on in the movie, after Gage is hit by the semi and the mom/wife and daughter (who, incidentally was on that great PBS show “Ghostwriter” -unless it was her twin sister- and always annoyed the piss out of me) go to Chicago to be with momwife’s parents, the momwife comes back to Maine [where the bulk of the movie takes place. I forget exactly why she came back] and there the terror begins.

Momwife is walking up the stairs of their house [or was it the old neighbor-guy’s house? p.s. the neighbor was played by the same guy who played Herman Munster. true story] and starts to hear someone calling her name: “Raaaachhheeellllll!”

She walks into a bedroom and her sister ZELDA is crouched down in the corner. She comes rushing up to momwife [aka right up to the camera] and begins yelling about how momwife will “NEVER GET OUT OF BED AGAIN!!!” after she threatens to “twist your back like mine”

I almost shit my nine or ten year old pants when this happened.

Seriously, my bowels felt hot and liquidy.  I’m surprised I didn’t pass out.

So, I tried to forget about Zelda for the next few weeks.  Nothing doing.

I slept with my light on pretty much every night and was terrified I was going to hear her voice calling MY name.

Then, the shit hit the fan and I became scarred for life:  one afternoon, I was sitting on my parents’ bed in the BACK BEDROOM of our house, talking on the phone.

My sister decided it would be hilarious to come around the corner and go, “Raaaachhheelllll!”

I screamed, jumped, dropped the phone, and immediately began hysterically crying.

After that, I could not even stand to hear the name Rachel, or I would immediately start holding my ears and  “blah blah”-ing.

For years, my siblings taunted me with Zelda-like motions and the occasional “Raaachelll”.

After a while, I kind of got over it. But not quite.

Then, oh then, after a pretty extended period of being okay, I was watching TV one afternoon, and even more shit hit the fan.

A commercial for Stephen King’s books came on, and I was half-watching until HER face appeared on the screen.  That’s right, Zelda, large as life, appeared and scared the shit out of me once again.

I started shaking, frantically pushing buttons on the remote to change the channel.

But the damage was done.  I began sleeping with my light on again.

Throughout the past few years, my siblings have both done the occasional hand gesture or “rraaaccchelll” to me (well, mainly my brother, I think my hysterics scared my sister into leaving me alone for a while) but nothing too over the top.

For the past three years or so, I’ve been trying to come up with a strategy to “get over” Zelda.

I decided to go with immersion therapy and scare the shit out of myself over and over in the hopes that I’d be cured.

And it kind of worked.

First, I started out simply: google image searching “Zelda pet sematary” and holding my breath when the results screen popped up.  The only photos available pretty much were the ones of Zelda lying helpless in her bed.

Creepy, but not the full-on terror effect I was kind of hoping for.

After several attempts at different keywords, I decided to go one HUGE step further: Youtube.

I found TWO clips of Zelda in action.  Well, ONE in action, the other just choking in bed.

At first, I watched these at work with the volume muted.  The visual alone was enough to make me start sweating and get clammy palms, I figured.

I watched the first one, of her getting fed gruel and subsequently croaking, through my fingers, hoping no one would pass by my office and look in to find me looking horrified at my computer screen.

Eventually, I worked my way up to watching the clips with moderate volume [although I DID have my friend Katie on the phone with me, watching it at the same time in HER office across town].

Somehow, I let it slip on myspace that I’d had this irrational fear of a character from a book and movie.

Ok, so I wrote a whole blog entry about it.

Anyway, one of our IS guys here at work decided it’d be HILARIOUS to print out a still from a Pet Sematary clip, put it in an official work envelope, mark it “confidential” and place it in my inbox.

I opened the envelope, gasped, then laughed.

And tacked that bitch to my office wall, right beside my sweet flat-screen monitor.


I’ve even gone so far as to have mashup wars with Katie, posting pictures with Zelda superimposed on them as comments on each other’s myspaces.

I make myself watch the clips every so often, just to make sure I don’t relapse and freak out at hearing “NEVER GET OUT OF BED AGAAAAAAIN!”at random.

So, it looks like I got over Zelda.

Except for the two or three nights every few months that I lay in bed, trying to force myself not to think of her or her voice.

p.s. The guy who played Zelda did so because the casting people couldn’t find a woman skinny enough.  I have a feeling that won’t be a problem when they do the [unnecessary] remake next year.


126 thoughts on “The scariest woman in the world and how I ALMOST got over her. (This is a long one, folks)

  1. Tom Sarago says:

    OH my God!!!

    For the same reasons as described above, I decided to google ZELDA PET SEMATARY just like you did one day. I almost couldn’t look at the screen… but then I did and saw the image that you posted of his/her face. I was freaked out but not as bad as I thought I would have been. THEN I took that same big step and typed Zelda in youtube. THERE IT IS…!

    Needless to say, I haven’t the courage to actually WATCH it. I’m a 30 year old male who saw it (with my dad I think) when I was about 12 years old. I’ve pretty much thought it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t think I’m going to re-live it today. Whenever I’m with friends and the “scariest thing ever” conversation comes up I always mention Pet Sematary (not Zelda) and one of them always says “Zelda got you, right?) and I look down and say, “yeah…”

    Funny about that co-worker and the picture! Sounds like something I would do, (just not with this one…)

  2. I think you may be my new best friend. We should hold Zelda-clip-watching sessions together over the internet.

    I’ll e-hold your hand and everything.

  3. Tom Sarago says:


    Well, thanks to Nintendo everytime I hear “Zelda” I actually think of something else. Curiously, I think they both came out around the same time…

    Interesting link below invlolving George Clooney(????!) in a Pet Semetary remake???

  4. I’ve heard about a remake and often wondered: “What if they make Zelda even scarier than before?!”

  5. Chris Smith says:

    I wathced this film when i was 9 (I’m now 24)and i thought i was the only adult who had grown up to scared to watch Pet Sematary again because of one thing and one thing olny ZELDA! but i got fed up of being a pussy and brought the film the other day! Scared shitless i put it on for my first class of therapy! when i knew it was coming up to her i started to panic! FUCK ME it still put a shiver down my spine when shes huddled in the corner of the room and runs over but i think i’m cured! JUST!

  6. Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only 20-something who is still a little creeped out by her.

  7. thewowfreak says:

    i have seen the movie to (i have him)but i never wanna see zelda again she is too creepy. its a year ago i saw him and ….. man! even now i dream about ….slik…..ZELDA…..o and pascow is realy creepy to. they make the movie to creepy
    i think.first cage and rachel they die and so..tan pascow …tan the cleaning lady ….and than ….slik….ZElDA…..(this was a dejavu lol)
    and than i now someone (a kid from 9 years old) that says : the movie isnt creepy and hes just watching??,lol! in general:pet sematary is too creepy!

  8. thewowfreak says:



  9. Kari says:

    OMG! I ran across this blog while trying my own immersion therapy. I am seriously trying to get over this. Why, well ONE reason is that I am a chiropractor and I fear that one day I will open the door to my treatment room to someone that will look like Zelda. Or that she’ll come running across the room yelling ‘twist your back like mine”! I HAVE to get over this. I am almost 30 years old and my friends make fun of me due to this phobia. I even go so far as to only watch the food network while falling asleep at night when my husband is out of town so I will not wake up to see that the Pet Sematary movie is on. I am so happy to see that there ARE others out there that legitimately share my fear. I have felt like a freak since watching this in Jr. high. Thanks. Also that you for the “heads up” on the new version of the movie. I had no idea. I really hope they don’t figure out how to make Zelda more scary!

  10. Mike says:

    to this day i still think when i get out of the middle of the night to get drink of water, she going to be waiting at the bottom of the steps for me…i know it

  11. Dingo says:

    OK. I, as well, googled “Zelda” for the first time today with that same palpatating heart, scared of what would come up.

    This blog was the first hit, and I swear to you for a second I thought I wrote this and just forgot about it.

    I am 30 and saw the movie with my dad when I was 11 in 1989, and still 19 years later I cannot watch PS alone. This character is probably the best coup for horror makeup in movie history. Never has anything been (nor will anything be) as viscerally horrifying is Andrew Hubatsek as Zelda.

    From the twisted, almost mummified back, to the sunken cheeks, stringy red hair, piercing eyes and the hideous moans and cackles, this thing was a monster that entered my body in summer of 1989 and will, I think, never really go anywhere.

    I live with Zelda.

  12. whostosay says:

    this is so perfect. my friends and sister always mock me with zelda things. and just last night my friend said. look behind you zeldas’ there and i nearly pooed my pants. i ran to my room didn’t turn of anything and flew under the covers. and tried to fall asleep but couldn’t…and the funny thing was today i looked up pictures of her but still cant watch the video

  13. melissa says:

    i really thought i was the only one! i cannot believe how many people had the same reaction to zelda. she haunted my dreams for YEARS! i still cannot watch that movie to this day….i am 32 now. i first saw it when i was 12 in a hotel room with my entire family in canada. even though all 4 of us slept in the same room that night i could not fall asleep. the next time i saw the movie was at a friend’s house. i had to walk home that evening about 15 blocks away. i ran through back yards just to get home faster.

    the worst memory of a zelda scare happened in my home during the day. i was doing my laundry & i went to put some towels away in my parents room. my mom use to wear this navy blue terry cloth night gown. well it was throw on top of some laundry in the corner. when i opened the door all i saw was zelda sitting in the corner all hunched over just smirking at me. i closed my eyes & when i opened them she was still there. i slammed the door shut & did not step foot back in there for some time.

    i once had a dream i met stephen king & he told me the only way i would over come my fear is if i spent a night alone with zelda in a cabin the woods. he left me alone & shut the door & locked it from the outside. all i heard was this awful raspy laugh & turned around to see zelda all curled up in the corner. there was nothing in the cabin except her & i. it was seriously the scariest dream i had ever had.

    another dream i had about her took place at a bar. i walked into this cowboy type bar the place was packed. i was trying to make my way to the bar to order a drink. i looked down & saw something crawling through the legs of the bar stools. it was zelda & she was coming for me. but since there were so many people i was trapped & couldn’t get through. she came up clawing at my legs & took me down to the ground.

    i had so many issues with her that i had to find out who she was. so i watched the movie again & turned the parts with zelda off just so i could get to the credits & see the actress who played her. that is when i found out this actress was named Andrew Hubatsek.

    i will forever live with the fear of zelda too. & it just makes me feel that less crazy that i am not the only person in the world who found her so horrifying.

    • Samantha♥ says:


      I cannot belive how many people are scared by that freakin scary biatcH: Zelda! I till the day cover my eyes whenever she appears! hahhaha! I still can´t see her again, cause I will have nightmares! She is so Effin scary!

      hahah I too am scared of her don´t worry: I saw it when I was 9 years old. and I´m 18 now but I still can´t watch it.!

      • Melissa says:

        I found your blog again because I did the unthinkable last night. Pet Semetary came on AMC. I decided to watch it for the first time in years….with my 9-year-old son. I finally watched Zelda & she honestly doesn’t scare me anymore. However, the fear is hereditary. This kid loves horror movies & when going to bed last night he began to have many questions about, you guessed it…Zelda. I knew he was spooked to the core. He started to cry & told me he couldn’t get her out of his head. So I slept last night wedged between my husband & our 9-year-old son. Not sure what made me show this movie to him after knowing what I went through for years. I guess in this day & age there is so much scary stuff that we are desensitized to it. He sees commercials for The Walking Dead & other scary movies coming to theaters. But I guess there will always be something about Zelda. 😦

  14. ben fifield says:

    Zelda IS the most disturbing thing ever commited to film! i’m 28 and grew up on horror movies, from a toddler i have seen them all and Pet Semetary is the only film that ever truly frightened me, i couldnt sleep for years after seeing her and had a nightly ritual of chanting “dont dream about Zelda dont dream about Zelda” in my head! like the rest of you guys my family thought it was all really funny (my mum used to hide in wait for me crouched with her nightie over her knees and scuttle towards me,she had it down to a T god bless her) Zelda taps into something deep and primevil, fear of the deformed, fear of the insane.I have encountered plenty of insane people and what makes them scary is that they have no fear of US, lets face it most of us could win a fist fight with a crippled woman but she’s so utterely insane your brain is screaming GET AWAY GET AWAY! Anyway Pet Semetary is one cracking and under-rated horror movie!

  15. Randy says:

    One scene that everyone has forgotten to mention here was when Rachel Creed was dreaming on the airplane, and she finds herself in her parent’s house, with scary music in the background and the picture frames moving to a crooked position. She hears a moaning from the room that Zelda used to stay in. She opens it without any real hesitation, only to find Zelda lying across the bed. At that distinct moment, Zelda rises on the bed, holding her hands up like Nosferatu, and immediately says that she came back and that she would get Rachel. That scared me in two ways. The fact that the camera slowly zoomed into her face and when her voice started changing. I won’t forget that part for a long time.

  16. Tai says:

    I’m a 31 year old mother of 4. I saw Pet semetary as a very young child at the drive in….yes, I said drive in, and Zelda is one of the singular scariest characters EVER! I actually went online to do some immersion therapy and your page was the first to show up. It was even posted on my birthday so I know it was meant to be. So far the pictures kinda make me want to puke and going on youtube is,right now, out of the question. My husband thought it would be funny and rent the video and play the Zelda part as I walked into the room. Luckily, I heard Zelda before I walked in and chewed him out in the kitchen.
    You are a bigger person than me. I don’t know how you do it. Zelda’s image is burned in my brain forever and I swear I’m never going to get over her. UUUGGGHHH!

  17. mark says:

    you’d be amazed at how many people i’ve met that are just as terrified of the old girl as we are.
    my own attempt at immersion therapy was… eh.
    during one of my many dreams about zelda since first seeing the film when i was 11 or so, i found myself sitting on a filthy bed with her and knowing that it was a dream decided to “seduce” her in the hope that that dream logic would apply and she would change into someone else. didn’t happen. she just looked at me. i’m 32 now and zelda still scares me like nothing else. my girlfriend sleeps behind me nights when i stay up on the comp and to this day “right now in fact” i find myself checking every now and again to make sure that it isn’t zelda sitting there, rubbing her hands.

  18. Bon says:

    This is so funny..I was actually googling Zelda when I came across this, at least I know I’m not alone. My mom reminded me of how scared I was when I saw Pet Semetary at the age of 10 or so and I had to see for myself what I was so freaked out over. The movie frightened me for sure, but Zelda just did me in! At that time, Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda was also really popular and my little brother had the bedding, sheets,pillowcase,etc. I remember standing in the darkened living room near bedtime just a week after seeing Pet Semetary and hearing my mom call out “Bon, isn’t that Zelda in the living room??” Well, I ran like a bat out of hell through the house, screaming and jumped right on top of my mom and dad in bed. What she had actually said was “Bon, get me the Zelda pillow in the living room” LOL! I scared the hell out of them that night and when I explained to my mom what I thought she said, she laughed her head off. Of course, I still wasn’t going back to that dark living room to get my bro his pillow.. So yeah, glad I’m not alone, but now kinda sorry that I googled that scary biatch hahaha

    • Tanya says:

      Ok, just read your comment and laughed so hard i cried!!! Freakin hilarious! But in all seriousness, yes, she is the single most scariest person ever!

  19. Bink Figz says:

    Dooood. I met Zelda around the same age, 9-10. Couldn’t sleep right for weeks. Zelda haunted me. Eventually I watched again and (kind of) got over her. But everytime that movie comes on my radar goes up – and I usually change the channel before the second Zelda scene comes on. But forget The Exorcist, The Shining, whatever. Nothing has ever scared the shit out of me like Zelda. You are not alone.

  20. Kari says:

    I saw the movie first when I was 11 years old, and it (actually just Zelda)terrified me to the core. I ran from the room crying and SHAKING. I have avoided her image for years, but recently googled her, and it brought the same result as it did 21 years ago. I thought I was alone with my abnormal fear of her. Crazy!

  21. Jessie says:

    Omg!I saw the movie when i was 3!and ten years later that woman still traumatizes me and scares the shit out of me everyday

  22. Tyler aka ZELDA says:

    Zelda really scared the shit out of me when she said “I’M GOING TO TWIST YOUR BACK LIKE MINE!”
    but then what really scared me more is when Zelda went “i’m coming for your rachel” bla bla bla “ill get you” now that scared the flyin fuck out of me.

    but over time yes, i did get over the girl. Now everytime i log on to my computer, i cant help but watching all of the Zelda parts.
    tyfuck aka zelda

  23. thom says:

    Jesus,I saw that film when I was ten and that was the single most terrifying part,my brother and I are still too scared to watch it…thanks for the blog!

  24. Audra says:

    This is a recount of my childhood! I saw pet sematary when I was 5, and I wasn’t bothered by pascow nor Gage, but zelda scarred me for life. My friends also found it funny to scare me with pictures and imitations, until they were forced to stay on the phone with me all night long. Glad you were able to get over her, because I still have nightmares and can’t stand seeing or hearing her.

  25. Heather says:

    ew, me too! It’s on AMC right now, and I’m so nervous! I’m 31 years old, and I remember watching this with my older brother when I was a young teen. I don’t remember much of Zelda because I most likely watched it through my fingers. My brain has obviously blocked out the imagery, but I have always said that I hate this movie.
    I talked to my boyfriend, who is a very tough, masculine, 33 year old, and he’s terrified of this thing, too!
    Oh my god, they’re in that woman’s parents’ house in Chicago and the creepy little kid just said ‘hi daddy I love you’ twice on the phone and that freaky cat just showed up, too.
    I’m changing the channel.
    So, since I’ve been watching this movie for 36 minutes now, I had googled Zelda since I have only seen the movie the one time and remember the woman who scared me so bad, only to find out that it is a man!

    • I was totally watching it at the same time you were! I succeeded in watching both Zelda parts with no flinching, and even stood right close to the TV, mimicking her during the “never get out of bed again” part. yesssssssssssssss

  26. Gary says:

    Zelda and to a greater extent, Pascow, scarred me for life when I first saw pet sematary at about age ten. I think Pascow moreso because he pops up randomly so many times. I haven’t been able to watch the movie at all until tonight when I decided to try. I got pretty close to Zelda’s second scene but just couldn’t do it. Really one of the creepiest movies ever made.

  27. melanie says:

    wow this is so funny and I feel so relieved.
    I have been terrified by zelda since I was a child. Its awesome that so many people feel the same way. But I’m even having a hard time reading some of your stories and dreams because I can visualize them all and they’re all so frightening! Especially that cabin in the woods one. lol.
    I saw PS as a child, not sure how old, and was blown away at how ridiculously scary it was! Pascow, Gage, the creepy cemetary at night, eevrything scared me back then. And of course zelda just made me cry.
    I have since as an adult become an avid horror movie fan. I’ve watched so many and manage to not be as scared as I used to be. I thought I could watch Pet Sematary again and get through it. But I was so scared again that I vowed never to watch it ever again. I just hated how it made me feel.
    Years have passed, I married a Stephen King freak, and PS came on tv. She noticed my obvious discomfort immediately and convinced me to watch it with her, assuming that it wouldn’t be that bad. Luckily I wasn’t frightened my Pascow this time. I’ve gotten over gore and I like his character. But all the zelda scenes brought the same old feelings of terror.

    And now its been like a week and a half and I still think of her every night and every morning. I have to sleep with the light on when I’m alone, and I keep imagining she’s creeping down the hall from the back guest room. Ugh!
    So I’m doing what everyone else is doing and trying some google therapy.
    What I think I might do is work on a halloween costume of zelda. It helped me so much with the Exorcist and apparently a ton of people are afraid of her!

  28. I love the halloween costume idea!!!

  29. Laura says:

    I am SO glad I’m not the only one FREAKED OUT by Zelda!! I still can barely look at “her”.

  30. lori says:

    well im 29yrs old!!!!!!!!!! I saw pet cemetary when i was 8yrs old and have not been able to see it again it has scared me for life! through out the years it has gotten better but its never far from my mind! it also didnt help that my sister would scare me as a child by turning of the lights and yelling raaaaccccchhhhheeeeelllll! actually by seeing her face it brought back so many bad memories that i have tried to forget but in a way im glad i saw it!!!!!!!!

  31. Shanna says:

    Zelda has been burned into my memory since I first witnessed her insanity about 20 years ago, when I was 9 or 10. Like no other character before or since, she has managed to terrify me to the core. Most diturbingly is the part where Zelda just pops up into a sitting position with her hands together, her face twisted into a sneer, a sick smile across her skeletal face. Other parts, like her scurrying up to the camera saying “You’ll never walk again! ” etc. HOLY SHIT that scares me to no end. I have never seen anything even close to that level of disturbing terror and fright. Whoever thought of that shit, and directed it in that way is both extremely talented and extremely odd.

  32. Kelly says:

    Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one! I’m 29 now and I CAN NOT watch the last scene with Zelda. In fact I’ve never been able to. I remember watching the movie for the first time in middle school. I was creeped out by the first scene, my heart pounded in the second scene, by the final scene in Jud’s house I took one look at her looking at me and when she started to run to the camera I shut my eyes and I’ve never seen the last scene in fully. Funny, I’m married and a mom and I still can’t get over her. I wonder if the Zelda in the remake will be just as frightening. She’s one scary bitch!

  33. Heather says:

    If anyone ever did a scary-movie style spoof job on Pet Semetery, who should play Zelda?

    • That’s a tough one! I think I’d have to say either Amanda Plummer (she kinda creeps me out in real life, probably due to her semi-Zelda vibe) or someone ridiculously beautiful who isn’t scary at all, just to mess with the audience.

  34. Red says:

    I’ve always loved horror movies but the scenes with Zelda are the only scenes that have ever truly terrified me and had a lasting impact on my psyche. Over the years I tried to watch the movie again but couldn’t get through the Zelda scenes. It seemed like it took years for me to not tbibk about Zelda while lying in bed at night. It’s funny how we can see blood are gore but something like a frail woman can terrorize our minds

  35. Broc says:

    Just wanted to say that I have the exact same fear. I love horror movies, and ive seen em all.. Zelda will always haunt me worse than anything. So god damn scary.

  36. Kayla says:

    Hi, just let me start off my saying THANK YOU! I seriously thought I was the only person that was every traumatized by Zelda! I too was allowed to watch this movie as a young child and TO THIS DAY i still have a hard time falling asleep some nights with my back facing the door! I picture her running up to my bed! I’ve had countless nightmares about her up until my early twenties! I’ve seen almost every horror movie you can think of and STILL nothing or no one is scary than her!

    Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one deathly afraid of her!!


  37. Evan says:

    Great blog and comments. Is anyone else resentful that we were allowed to watch this traumatizing movie as kids? I’d never take my kids to see this movie as young as some of us were. I remember my older brother closed his eyes on Zelda, and I was foolish enough to watch it all.

    • dasvig says:

      Love reading all of this. I saw Pet Semetary IN THE MOVIE THEATER with my dad when I was about 9 or 10 and Zelda gave me nightmares for years. I always wondered why he let me watch horror movies (but god forbid I see a breast or something). Anyway, I remember doing a school “project” on horror movies in 7th grade and I made a VHS of my favorite scary scenes and I included the Zelda scene. Lol! I hope I gave some other kids nightmares! I wonder why my teacher let me show it…

  38. just nicole. says:

    I feel like I just joined a Zelda support group. This just made my life knowing there are so many people with the same irrational fear as my own.

  39. I LOVE to see that people are still reading this entry! And I also love that I’m not the only one ever scared shitless!

    May you all have a pleasant, Zelda-free evening! ❤

  40. […] came across another WordPress blog post about Zelda here.  It makes me happy to know that I’m not alone out there, that’s there are other sane […]

  41. gordy says:

    Zelda-phobia here too. If it’s any consolation, the actor was actually a male who played Zelda (ANDREW HUBATSEK)

  42. Dudles says:

    WOW!!!! I know it’s already been said but I’m so glad it’s not just me with this fear. I watched it when I was 11 and again when I was about 17 to try and get over this… Wasn’t very successful. Every once in a while I think of her and thats usually when I’m lying in bed alone. Like others have said, I am fine watching other horror films they don’t phase me at all but this one petrified me. Stephen King is a genius but also a bastard for doing this to me! lol. . . Maybe we should all meet up for a big Zelda themed night out?! Haha!

  43. Mel Mel says:

    My friends and I sneaked into this movie while in theaters when we were 12 years old (R rated). I was OK with all the rest, but Zelda scared me senseless. My best friend caught onto this, and would chase me around her dimly light house pretending to be Zelda. I also happen to have a sister with long red hair. I kept imagining her as Zelda, that I would walk into her room and find her in bed, with twisted back calling my name. I had to hold my breath every time I went into her room before I could hit the light (which I did as quickly as possible).

    Fast forward about 20 years, Pet Semetary came on TV one Halloween season. I actually excused myself from the room and went upstairs during the Zelda parts, and plugged my ears so I couldn’t hear her call “Raaaaacheeel”. My husband mocked me. He doesn’t scare – AT ALL. Perhaps we were all scared so badly because we all saw it when we were young and impressionable. I have a daughter who is 13 now, and she loves scary movies. I’ve told her to be careful what she puts in her head, because sometimes, you can’t get it out. She hasn’t seen this movie yet. I pray she never will!!!!

  44. EternalSunshine616 says:

    So relieved to find I’m not the only one! I watched this movie as a kid… I’m 23 now, and Zelda is still the single most horrifying image I have ever encountered in my life. Jesus.

  45. merlin says:

    Male, 52, and shit-scared of Zelda. Scariest scene I’ve viewed – still remember it from 1990. And no, I’m not looking for it on YouTube; I like being able to sleep at night.

  46. staci says:

    I was 12 in the 6th grade watching this on a sunny afternoon with a group of friends. I’m now 32 and this movie came up on my Netflix queue so I decided to watch it. I was scared shitless when I first watched it I’ve tried to desensitize myself by watching horror movies but this one still scares me more then some of the new digital ones they make now. Zelda is one scary freaky b*tch! I agree about being impressionable at that age, man does that movie freak me out!!

  47. dasvig says:

    This is outstanding – I just saw Pet Semetary show up on Netflix. I’m 34 and saw this IN THE THEATER with my dad when I was a kid. I’m going to attempt to watch it tonight, but Zelda scared the hell out of me for a LOOONG time. I’ve seen all sorts of horror movies and I don’t think anything ever scared me like that. There was one scene, but more of a shock scene, in Exorcist 3 (the long hallway hospital scene) that got me pretty good – but nothing as terrifying as Zelda.

  48. beto84VE says:

    I watched PS as a kid and Zelda’s image got burned in the first “Scariest Thing Ever” slot of my brain. Am 28 now and don’t want to watch her again… YET. Good to know I’m not alone!! Great post!

  49. Tracey says:

    I am a 34 year old woman, I too watched pet seminary when I was a kid and the exact bits u were talking about terrified me so much, even now Zelda still freaks me out. She is DEFINATELY the scariest woman in the world!!!!

  50. clint says:

    I relate. I couldn’t go to my bedroom without imaging her laying, curled up and twisted on my bed, years after seeing this as a kid. The rest of the movie was almost laughable, but Zelda really creeped me out. I suffered the same taunts from my sister and brother-in-law. The two or three scenes from Pet Sematary disturbed me just as much as an entire movie with projectile vomiting, head spinning, Satan possessed Regan from The Exorcist. The funny thing is, I thought I was the only person freaked out by her. I talk about the movie with other people, and most don’t even recall her presence in the movie. I agree, there will never be a more frightening portrayal of Zelda, so why try with a remake?

  51. Link says:

    Reading your blog and everyone’s comments just now was one of the coolest experiences of my life! Why do we always think we’re alone? Well, I did, too, until I finally googled Pet Sematary Zelda and found this blog. Like the others who commented on your blog before me, I watched Pet Sematary a long time ago, about twenty-two or twenty-three years. My best friend and I watched it on VHS together, the two of us alone at home on a Friday night, my parents away watching a basketball game that one of my brothers was playing in, and we actually turned the movie off during the first scene with Zelda. I’d only ever done that with one movie, Mad Man, a film about an axe murderer called Mad Man Marz. Anyway, for some reason I can’t fully understand, my friend and I finished watching Pet Sematary the next morning (maybe we thought the daylight would help?), and I remember trying to make myself watch the 2nd Zelda scene when it came up in Rachel’s in-flight dream. I’m pretty sure my hands went over my eyes as soon as she popped up out of the bed. I don’t think I watched the third scene at all, at least not until I heard the Bad Gage’s cute little voice. You all know what I mean. His voice was cute as hell compared to Zelda’s.

    For the next several years I was terrified of Zelda. She haunted my dreams like a screaming banshee. In fact, to this day, the most horrifying dream I have ever had is a dream I had when I moved downstairs to the corner bedroom furthest from the stairs. I never saw her in the dream, but I heard her screaming from upstairs as she came running for me. I know that’s fucking freaky, but hey, we’re all sharing here, and as I said, it was the scariest dream I ever had.

    Tonight, after fleeing from Zelda like a twelve-year old for twenty-something years, I finally watched the whole movie again, something I’ve considered doing before. Well, it was really, really hard to do, and I did indeed consider backing out, but I made myself watch all three scenes in their entirety. The first scene was the most bearable for me, because she’s just Rachel’s sister as Rachel remembered her. She isn’t creepy intentionally. But the second scene is fucking freaky as hell! When she pops up out of the bed, DAMN! The third scene for me wasn’t quite as bad as the anticipation of it, but the anticipation was enough. Something about her being shorter made her a little less menacing to me, or it could have been my knowledge that this time she was being projected by the Gage demon, with Gage’s body being small.

    Something interesting to me is that the character’s appearance is somewhat similar to Regan from The Exorcist, who was the first film character to ever really terrify me, albeit nothing like Zelda did. I was uber young when I unfortunately walked into the living room where my parents and brothers were watching The Exorcist, probably 5 or 6. More recently, about ten years ago, I had another similar experience with The Ring. But with The Ring I was much older, and I’d already been there and done that with Zelda in PS, so I immersed myself into Samara’s well chest-deep, and pretty soon I loved that movie. I watched The Ring over and over again, determined not to let her get the best of me. Is that nuts? Maybe, but I haven’t been afraid of The Ring since the first few months after seeing it. That result means I may indeed watch Pet Sematary a few more times.

    As for why we were all so traumatized by the Big Z, I agree strongly with 16-Ben and 46-Mel Mel. Most all of us were too young to see that movie, and Zelda’s character definitely taps into a primeval fear of the very sick, very deformed, very insane people. I also think it’s the brilliant (sadistic??) use of setting. An upstairs room down a long hallway gets us, and that music in scene 2 was baaad. Maybe, for me at least, it goes back to Regan in her own room upstairs. Basements, attics, upstairs, closets, FUCK ‘EM! I have one more thought about why Zelda so fucked us in the head. Her ghastly form comes out of nowhere, and her screen time is almost nothing! She’s the thing we didn’t see coming. We signed on to watch Pet Sematary, and yet 45 or so minutes into the film, BAM! Zelda Forever. I don’t know if King planned the book to highlight Zelda or not. I haven’t read it, so I’ll never know what’s scarier, it or the movie, but it’s really hard to imagine Zelda being any more frightening in the book.

    Anyway, I know my ‘comment’ is long, but Zelda (and for me, at least a little, her pseudo-sisters Regan and Samara) has been a big part of my psyche for a very long time, too. And I fucking love all of you for posting here! After being re-traumatized by my own immersion therapy tonight, you all made me laugh time and time again. Thank you!

    P.S. One thing that has had a positive impact on me over the years is a kind of creative mental immersion therapy. If I find myself being creeped out by her, then I let myself see her, but I change her. She’s hanging from the ceiling, or looking over my shoulder, maybe I punch her, whatever. Some of the images are creepy, I know, but I made them, not the movie makers. So they’re mine. And she’s just a sick girl after all. Poor Zelda!

  52. meloydwahe says:

    Omg, this is so my life, thank you for making me laugh my ass off! Creepiest movie character EVER!!!

  53. Edana Brown says:

    Have LOVED following this thread and seeing other people with Zeldaphobia. I’m a 47-year-old mom of 2 teens who has seen the Exorcist many times (I have it on DVD), and Zelda takes the cake for me where scary is concerned. I think it’s the running up to the camera thing… like she’s coming after me personally. And as it happens, I’m now reading Pet Sematary (never did read it way back when), and have vowed, when I’m finished, to watch the movie again — hence my nosing around online and coming across this blog. So fingers are crossed… and all the lights are on.

  54. Tanya says:

    I am so happy I am not alone on this! My whole family have been in love with spook movies since before i can remember. Me and my sister would visit my aunt when we were young and shed always have a new one for us. Im 29 now but i was 6 when she introduced us to Pet Sematary. To this day, it is my favorite and to this day, no other movie has scared me the way it did and still does. Even now, sitting alone here in my living room i cant help but second guess any noise i hear in my house. Im sure you can imagine at 6 how horrified i was. For the next month i refused to go anywhere by myself including the bathroom. Years later id jump from my bedroom door clear across the room to my bed in one giant leap in case Gage was hiding under my bed. But yes, just the shear thought of Zelda would send me scurrying into my Moms bed, well, only if i was brave enough to leave my bed. Most of the time i hoped my sheets would protect me. If you dont see her, she doesnt exist right? I can tell reading the comments that most of us born in the 70s and 80s were most affected by thismovie. And i do agree, a remake would just be pointless. The first one was enough to scare us all shitless! Thanks again everyone, guess i was never alone. 🙂

    • Tanya says:

      And p.s. I had to scroll down real fast over the pics on ur blog just so i wouldnt have to see her face. Yes, i admit that to this day she scares the hell out of me. And this coming from a cop in the military. Lol!

  55. Amanda says:

    Um so I am 25 and I am watching PS right now with my husband. Holy. Shit. Zelda literally just made me piss my pants. I had to google her just out of curiosity/sheer terror, and I found this website and I am laughing my head off because we are all so freaking scared of this bitch. Seriously though, I’m never watching this shit again. HOLY SHIT!!! That scene JUST happened where she ran at the camera!!!!!! That’s it. I’m done. I’m ruined.

  56. Rachel says:

    I watched that movie when I was 6 or 7, the worst part is that my name is Rachel and for years I would have nightmares that she was in my room screaming at me!

    Im not brave enough to ever watch it again!

  57. nicole says:

    Ok I cannot believe how many people share the same fear I do…Zelda. I am a huge horror fan and I love Stephen kings work but I F###ing hate Zelda. SOmething about her deeply disturbs me and to this day I have to skip through all Zelda parts while watching pet semetary. I am 23 years old but once I get thinking about her I feel like I’m 7 all over again. Seriously it’s pathetic. Vacuuming and blow drying become impossible tasks because I’m afraid shes in the house and I won’t be able to hear her

  58. Leticia says:

    I’m 33 & I have seen many a scary movies in my life, but this character is at the top of a short list of “too haunting to experience again” characters! I’m sooo glad I’m not alone & much respect to the professionals who made this character possible.

    I found this blog on google trying my own immersion therapy! I say great minds think alike here!

  59. Marios KA says:

    Wow! It is surreal finding this entry while doing the exact same type of therapy mentioned in the entry. It certainly seems there is something about this character that simply affects some people, especially males it seems, in a very powerful way. I think it is because of what the character represents. And it is interesting that the scariest horror character of all time.. was not even evil, at least as far as we know. The scene near the end was obviously not Rachel’s sister, but the evil spirit in her son torturing her, preying on her greatest shame and guilt and pain. And that is terrifying.

  60. Adrian Ayala says:

    I thought I was the only person out there scared of ZELDA!!! Im 30 yrs old and still say she is the scariest of all horror. Just the color of her skin tone was scary. And the way her back looked, eewwww. Well I feel a lot better to know there are more of u out there. We should start a Zelda club,lol.

  61. Ravenhex says:

    I am astonished at the amount of people Stephen King has managed to terrify with a simple twist of a character. I can recall seeing this movie when I was about nine years old, I am thirty-one now, and have read the book several times; yet I still cannot watch parts of the movie from some sheer horror that resides inside me. I don’t know if it’s the aspect of seeing someone suffer, then losing themselves to the pain. Or if it’s ideal that once a human being suffers so much, they are no longer themselves but become a true Monster.

    I know everyone has a phobia, but this has been the only thing on the face of the earth in my entire thirty-one years of living that has scared me to the point of thinking I need serious therapy. Some of it seems a bit hazy to me now, like the sound of her voice or evil laughter, but I think as a child (and even certain times as an adult) if I have a dream of her my imagination takes hold and makes it ten times worse than what it really is. (As Stephen King said: Everyone has a fear-bone, much like the funny-bone. Of which I absolutely agree.

    With the experiences I have had and the amount of fear I have felt from the graceful and dangerous-dark of Stephen King’s creation in his [one of many fantastic stories] I have also taken what I have learned from all things “scary” and made a writer of myself, after sixteen years, horror has become one of the prime elements to my self expression as a soon to be published writer and creator. I truly have Stephen King to thank for that, he is one of my biggest inspirations to reaching further than others Authors do, and with very little effort put into his magic.I do not pretend to know where Stephen King’s creations come from, but I like to think that every little detail in some way has come from a vault in his mind that may or may not have happened— all myth has a bit of truth. I also read in a dedication on one of his newer books, his newborn Granddaughter was named Zelda. Rofl.

    I think everyone needs a fear, something that makes them shy away or feel trembles or cold sweat. Let’s face it, if we had nothing to fear we would have nothing to lose or learn from. I had plenty of moments as a child growing up where I had to turn the bedroom light on before I entered the room for fear that I would (see or hear) something directly connected to her. My Mother was always the type to assure me and my younger Sister that anything we watched (horror based) was pretend, and was not real. Kudos to you Mom! I love you dearly, but I am still terrified of that one thing. xD

    I feel deeply for all of the people above who was brave enough to peek around for any sign of life out there, for others who share the same fear. Zelda was and still is not something or someone so easily conquered, especially since most of us were introduced to the movie at such a young age. I always found it very strange that most of the people I spoke to of it, never recalled the character; but then turned around and said that they were terrified of Pennywise the Clown who I found no fear of whatsoever (My SISTER however, can’t even watch the movie IT.) SO I suppose Mr. King is correct in his aforementioned and well addressed notion that most of his readers if not all of them, have different phobias and perspectives of fear. What a brilliant man, and what a WONDERFUL book!

    For those of you who have not read it, I fully recommend it. It has a lot of underlined meanings and endearing qualities to family and ties and learning to let ago. Aside from that one fear all of us seem to share, and has haunted us since we were kids. Stephen King, I tip my hat to you, because once you are gone to this world— this site is only a small percentage of applause to just what kind of legacy your eerie construct of stories has left behind.

    Welp, time to go watch Pet Semetary! — Deuce!

  62. pixies79 says:

    very well said yes, and I’m so happy to have found this blog, we feel we’re not alone in this! I can totally relate, I’ve been really afraid of this character back when I was 9 and now in my thirties I can say I still am a bit, especially when I’m stressed out, but I’ve made major progress as I’ve developped tricks over the years with things I find scary, and this zelda lady is a big one!
    I think a good way of getting rid of the fear is to dissociate the character, from what we see in the movie, and your scary thoughs and imagination, because sometimes that can be scarier than the scenes from the movie! For exemple a friend of mine was really afraid of pascow, so I showed her the special features of the dvd where we see the actor brad greenquist talking about his role and even giving fun facts, like during lunchtime on the set he was a real table clearer, no one wanted to eat next to him because of his makeup! We even see him in the makeup chair having fun and laughing with the makeup artists. All this fun facts and seing behind the scenes footage brought humor to the character and broke it down and can help with the fear. Now she love pascow because instead of having scary thoughs, she imagine him at a table eating dinner by himself! Unfortunetly there’s not a lot of behind the scenes stuff for zelda, I hope the new documentary about the filming will have some stuff, we can see a picture of her in the trailer, but I try to use my imagination at my advantage this time and it helped a lot. I picture her in the makeup chair with a coffee getting ready for her scenes or talking with the crew, the sillier the better and I can tell you it eliminate all fears! It takes a bit of practice but soon the images will become automatic and replace the scary ones. Also this reunion q&a clip is really funny, the actor andrew hubastek saying a line with zelda’s voice, also helped me a lot we don’t see zelda in it don’t worry!
    I really applaud everyone who had the courage to have a peak here and start a ‘therapy’, it’s not easy, I’m still working on it!
    good luck to everybody and have fun with it, and we have to keep in mind that it can also be fun to have a scare from time to time!

    • Ravenhex says:

      Omg okay yeah, I was actually hesitant to click on that link for about fifteen minutes but it actually wasn’t what I remembered! That’s really crazy how my mind apparently remastered it, but I think it may of been a liiiittle different in the movie. xD That’s an awesome way to revise situational fears Pixie! I’m surprised I didn’t run out of the room screaming. lmao.

    • Miss Kitty says:

      OMG that was so funny! It was actually really cute the way he seemed sort of shy, as you said, and Denise Crosby (I guess that was her?) got up and said “excuse me I have to leave now”…. LOL. Thank you for sharing that!

  63. pixies79 says:

    thanks and that’s great ravenhex, happy to see you didn’t run out screaming! It’s a bit more intense in the movie yes but I found it helped a lot seing her voice coming out of someone else than her! I had to come up with stategies because on top of that fear, I developped a side-fear that was really anoying. One day one of my roomates though it would be hilarious to put all the frames in the hallway leading to the bedrooms in a crooked position for me for when I’ll come back from work. Needless to say I ran out of the appartment and spent the evening at a restaurant calling home waiting for one of them to come back home. since then I was afraid of crooked frames, I had to put them straight and if it was in a hall I had to ask someone else to do it or it was very difficult for me to go through it. there was frames everywhere in my home, except in the hall, and as an artist I ran quickly out of space on my other walls, and needless to say it looked very strange to my guests! but I got over it for the most part, thankfully!

  64. ravenhex says:

    Awww yeah no I think they really did a seriously good job (for the time when the movie was made) to create such an eerie setting, especially towards the end inside the halls leading up to the bedroom. I know it got so bad for me at one point, I had a nightmare about being chased through my house by her, and just as I reached my parents bed to leap in between them she grabbed me and I actually woke up screaming in my Mom’s arms still feeling her hands on me. SOOO yeah, apparently I’d ran all the way through the hall into my parent’s room completely asleep and unaware of what I was doing aside from trying to get away from her. I also ended incapable of eating anytime I watched a Stephen King movie, like anytime someone mentioned one of his movies my appetite just died. Still I can’t honestly pin-point it, but I was astonished in watching that video at how different his voice sounded as opposed to what I remastered it in my mind. It’s very odd how the mind works.

    It does help though, wonderfully to see the actual person because I had heard it was a Man that played her, and actually seeing him act somewhat shy if not hesitant because he obviously knew the impact that character had on some of the people he worked with. Very very cool, but eerie all the same.

  65. Good grief, it seems I’m not the only one who feels this way and with good reason! I used to watch horror flicks with my grandmother as a child, it was a thing, I loved them and I still do and love her for it but that one fucking movie… Pet Sematary was the ONLY movie that gave me nightmares. Maybe even night terrors, I don’t know. I used to have dreams where she would be chasing me down an infinite corridor and I would just be running and running with her just inches behind me. And not even the shit she said will give me the creeps but just her lying in bed with her crooked back all willy nilly… AHhh… I can’t even talk about it!
    I can really appreciate reading this and honestly can’t believe I found it, I was Googling “Pet Sematary lady” and stumbled across it hahaha… wow. I think I need to follow your lead and do this to get over it once and for all. Who knows, either my recurring nightmares of Zelda will come back or at the very least, hopefully, I can be done with it! It does feel strangely comforting knowing that I’m not the only one who was emotionally scarred by this film. It still seems so ridiculous to me that out of every horror film I’ve ever watched, this one was the one that messed with me the most. You know you’re the master of horror when kids everywhere are cringing at the sight of this one [wo]man.

  66. Dena Costigan says:

    All these years I thought I was the only one afraid of Zelda!!! I am 37 years old and still cannot deal with seeing any kind of image of her. The only reason I came across your blog is because my friend from highschool started taunting me about her on Facebook! She found this and told me to read it. Back in highschool, we had plans to watch Eddie Murphy “Raw” & “Delirious”. I was so excited because I had never seen it. Little did I know that my friends had other plans!!! They turned the TV on an BAM there she was staring right at me!!! I screamed so loud and started crying which then turned into laughing. They got me good, and never let me forget about Zelda!! Like everyone else, no movie has ever put the fear in me like Zelda does. Every once in awhile she creeps into my mind, as I am going to the bathroom at night and I hear her say R a c h el!!!! So yes I run back to my bed!!!! If they do a remake, I don’t think they will find someone as scary as the original. Or will they??!!

  67. A friend of mine posted this on my beard group BEARDUS MAXIMUS because “she” gives us both the willies but apparently he likes that it freaks him out! Haha – in light of it, the beard on her actually seems to lessen the impact. So I thought I would share this here with everyone else that also fears the mighty Zelda;

    Anytime you imagine her – just picture a beard on her face and maybe it will do the same to you as it did to me! Hahahaha

  68. Ravenhex says:

    LMAO! Okay yeah that was pretty good! Freaked me out for only a second but I just busted out laughing a second ago. xD Ty for that Joshua.

  69. this bitch scared the shit outta me too. I was only about 10 years old when I saw they movie. Now I am trying to confront my fears…the other part that scared me was when that bitch hung herself in the basement and was all twitchin and shit

  70. Rebekah says:

    I feel like I have found my home 🙂

  71. Amanda says:

    This is amazing. Looking for baby names and I suggest Zelda. My partner flips out and I’m thinking, what’s the big deal? He tells me to look it up… I find your blog post, start reading…I’m laughing and crying and my partner says “this sounds like I wrote this!” Wow. I think I’ll probably never switch this movie and we definitely are picking a different baby name!

  72. shelly johnson says:

    Oh my god I thought I was alone in my debilitating fear of zelda. Fuck that bitch.

  73. neon angel says:

    I watched this back in 93 when i was 11…..omg i didnt sleep properly for YEARS……”im coming to get you rachael, and this time ill get you!”…..omg with that deep voice…..the way she was hiding in the corner of the room and then suddenly turns around all hunched…..well, i remember it like that…..i could be wrong. But i have never seen a scarier face.

    years later i watched the blair witch project and one lady they interviewed looked similar to Zelda and as soon as i saw her my heart sank….my mum was like “you have never forgotton that zelda character have you?”….

    Im 33 now and still too chicken to rewatch it…..that deep scary voice…..and then a high pitched one calking “rachael”….i swear i would lay in bed at night scared i would hear her calling..

    i blame my mother…..WHY did she let me watch it!!!

  74. Nick says:

    I watched this movie with a group of friends as a child only once, and of course traumatization ensued. At 20 years old, I purchased the book thinking I could get some kicks out of it. Interestingly enough, I had completely forgot about Zelda until the first time she was mentioned in the novel which makes me think I deliberatly blocked her out for all these years. Approaching the end of chapter 9 approximately midnight last night, after reading:
    “Zelda. Christ that must have been hard for her.” The flood gates were opened. I had to put the book down and smoke it off. It goes with out saying that it was absolutely neccessary to send a mass iMessage photo of the most grotesque woman in the world to the freinds I shared this dark childhood memory with; who had also erected a great mental wall of Zelda.
    Stephen King is a fucking genius.

  75. me too! says:

    I swear I am 38 and have been terrified of that woman/thing my entire life as well! I was just scrolling through the movie channels and saw that it’s on right now and it all came flashing back to me. I was scared to even Google her, and no way can I look at her pic again lol! I tried just now but can’t do it!

    • Can you believe I watched the scene a few months ago (you know, to keep the immersion therapy fresh) and I didn’t completely freak out? I got a little uneasy, but definitely not the full-blown terror!

  76. Matt says:

    I notice many of us were around 10 when we saw this, as was I. Maybe that is the prime age for movies to stick with us for life. My parents took me to see it at the drive-in. Zelda’s is a face you don’t need to see on a screen that big at age 10 in the pitch black night, outdoors, with the little speaker on the car window blaring the creepy sounds. I remember the Ramones song over the end credits being somewhat comforting, but it wasn’t enough. I slept in my parents bed for about 3 months, until they forced me out. When I was a kid I remember walking past our bathroom looking straight ahead and seeing her in the tub in my peripheral vision (of course she wasn’t there). Even now I don’t like seeing her. I hope my kids never see this movie. They should have Zelda support groups. The weird part is, my wife is named Rachel.

    • OMG at a drive-in?! I think I possibly would have gone catatonic at that! Does your wife share the fear? I can’t imagine being named Rachel and hearing my name in Zelda’s horrible voice!

      • Matt says:

        I really don’t know if she shares the fear. She’s not a horror movie fan. I just hate Zelda so much. She’s gross and ugly and I hate her. Really. Even the video game Legend of Zelda kind of bothered me as a kid. I’m an adult and she still bothers me (only when I google her or YouTube her). Thank God they didn’t give Zelda a spin off movie.

  77. Hello FreshCracker. Really enjoyed this feature. I feel your pain. Apologies – this could be construed as spamming. But I faced my heart of darkness and interviewed Zelda/Andrew not long ago and thought you might be interested…

  78. Alex says:

    Hi. I recently watched this movie im 16 years old and when i readed this i go a little scared but i will do as you did. And you i slept With the door open and screamed every time i heard something. Tnx for the tip bye.

  79. Alex says:

    Sorry for bad english. Im from sweden.

  80. Jacqueline says:

    Omg !!! I am not alone ???!!! I thought I was the only person that was terrified of this person/creature. I will never you tube !!! Never !!!

  81. Brittaney says:

    This is fucking hilarious!!!! The part hat got me was when you frantically pressed buttons on the remote to change the channel…..I used to do the same thing when Bride of Chucky previews would come on.

  82. Oh my god, this was the funniest thing I have read in ages, I literally burst out laughing. Your experience is eloquently written and I am so grateful I came across this page in my frantic searches for any horror character comparable to Zelda. She certainly was memorable! Thank you for this!

  83. Jacqueline says:

    Uhh legend of Zelda bothered me too because of herrrrrr. I really hate her. She’s just so freakin scary. Uhh

  84. Miss Kitty says:

    Wow! I can’t believe there’s so many zeldaphobes like myself! Thank you for posting this. I grew up thinking I was abnormal because Zelda scared me sooooooooooo bad! Up till the last few years, everyone I mentioned her to that had seen that movie didn’t really remember her or didn’t think she was a big deal. But I recently found out from a coworker and a male friend that they are scared shitless of her. The way I found out about my coworkers was hysterical. At work another coworkers started laughing about something and didn’t purposely mean to sound creepy but my other coworker freaked out and said “stop you sound like the lady in Pet Semetary!”…. lol . This blog is seriously like a support group for zeldaphobes. Like most of you, I saw it at about age 10 and was paralyzed with fear by her. Even when I got married the fear was at it’s peak and I told my husband about it and of course he laughed at me (he’s one of those nothing-scares-him types) and so he’d cackle and say ‘Raaaaachel” (and God he sounded JUST like her) and crouched in the corner of our bedroom one time and ran up to me. But he quit after he saw how seriously it upset me. I developed horrible insomnia and got hooked on sleeping pills because of it…. no lie. I thought I’d never get over Zelda but now I’m able to deal with it to some degree…..

  85. Miss Kitty says:

    This is on, where they listed the top 5 creepiest scenes from Pet Semetary and I thought you all would get a kick out of it like I did:

    “I don’t know about you, but I can honestly say that I don’t think there’s anything creepier in the history of cinema than Rachel’s sister Zelda in “Pet Sematary.” More than anything else in the film, Zelda scared me senseless as a kid. It wasn’t so much her illness, her deformity, or the fact that Mary Lambert hired a male actor (Andrew Hubatsek) to play the part. It’s just the general creepy-crawly-ness of Zelda that sticks in your brain. That first flashback scene where Rachel is feeding Zelda and then she spins her entire head around, choking herself to death is really frightening, but it’s the later dream sequence that really empties my bladder. Zelda standing hunched over in a corner suddenly springs to life and runs toward the camera (andus) with the creepiest smile on her face that you’ve ever seen. I’ve got the chills just writing about it. You can have your Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein; Zelda is, in my mind, the scariest monster in horror history. “Even now, I wake up and I think, is Zelda dead yet?” says Rachel at one point in the film. You and me both, sister. You and me both.”

  86. Star says:

    LOL! This blog came up in my search for “Pet Sematary Zelda,” for my own immersion therapy purposes. 2007? Wow. lol Just glad I’m not the only one (I’m 33)!

  87. Bianca says:

    This literally just made me cry I was laughing so hard. I remember my fear of Zelda well. It wasn’t quite to that level but it was high enough. (I actually have a strong repulsion to dust bunnies and hair balls). My friends would year me by saying “Rachellllll”. But anyhoo, thanks for the laugh!

  88. arlainash says:

    I know I’m 8 years too late, but I had a similar experience when watching the Disney Robin Hood cartoon as a kid. Like you, I spent a long time trying to get over it. I can’t find anything online about anyone else affected by it, but it made me physically ill. You’ve inspired me to write about it.

  89. Chelsea says:

    Omfg I have this same reaction with this character and Regan in full freak out mode, from the exorcist. Glad I’m not alone!!! *highfive*

  90. Courtney miller says:

    Don’t feel bad she scares the shit out of me too whatever you do never read the book never

  91. […] [ii] I must confess that Zelda Goldman is one of my favorite characters in the history of horror. Here is a piece I wrote on her Here is an friggin’ great post I found on the internet talking about the lasting impact of Zelda Goldman… […]

  92. Rachel says:

    What could possibly make this worse for anyone… Is if your name was Rachel. Like mine is. Seriously still have nightmares.

  93. JAW~729 says:

    ((Lol)) things People want to say about their childhood memories was well articulated here, deep scene. Education and health theme!!!

  94. Anj says:

    She has creeped me out my whole life. Just the occasional nightmare or daymare… Her voice is the scariest! I refuse to watch pet semetary alone

  95. pixies79 says:

    Anyone saw the new documentary on the filming? I did and is really good immersion therapy 🙂 we learn a lot about Andrew and what he went through during the makeup process . We don,t see videos but lots of pictures, and funny ones, there,s a video of a technician saying they are rehearsing and Zelda is about to come out but you don,t see her in the videos, no clips from the movie also, so don,t worry for you out there that are still afraid! But this documentary really works i,m not scared of her anymore:-)

  96. Jason S Harden says:

    I have the same exact thing but with Linda Blair from The Exorcist… I’ll never forget seeing that face for the first time…

  97. Madelynn says:

    This character is the creature that pops into my brain every time I’m alone in my weird house or can’t sleep, 22 years after seeing her for the first time. So glad I’m not the only one that was traumatized by her!

  98. Skye Voigt says:

    Man. I recently tried to get over my fear of Zelda too. She has haunted me for 17 yrs now. I had to plug my ears and cover my eyes. I wont lie. I still cant watch the 3 clips of her. I can now at least look at the pics knowing she is actually a man. I could have sworn she was played by the old lady in the trailor park of the movie Blair Witch.

  99. Anne says:

    If you took your story and substituted “the twins from the Shining” for Zelda, this would be my story too. I never saw Pet Semetary but over the years I’ve heard many people say they think it’s the scariest thing they’ve ever seen. Now I am inclined to agree…. Your story tempts me to watch it, but I think I value my sleep too much at this point in my life!

  100. Brad says:

    Oh the horror of Zelda. I feel you. I was 14, had watched all the “scary” movies of that time, but nothing, nothing stuck with me like Zelda. I slept in my brother’s bedroom for a few nights. To this day, walking into a darkened room, I think she’s crouched down in the corner. I’m 40-f**king-3 now and still haunted by her. That remake will never recapture that.

  101. Erika says:

    OMG!!! literally while I was reading this I was squinting my eyes and covering her face with my thumb trying to read your blog. She scares the shit out of me! And of course my MOTHER used to lay in bed and when I would walk by she would scream RRRRRAAAAACCCCCHHHHEEEEELLLL and it always freaked me out. I can still watch the movie (peeking through my fingers during some scenes 🙈) and I’m really looking forward to seeing the new movie. There is one part in the trailer where someone is rocking in a rocking chair from the back and I have a feeling it’s her! I can’t imagine the horror! 😬

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