The second time I had sinus surgery, all I got was a scab and one larger nostril to show for it.

I’m on vacation, so here’s something I stole from myself. Again. It’s an account of the post-surgical scab i had chilling in my nose following sinus surgery late last year.

The sinus surgery that i’m STILL paying for.
The sinus surgery that has ALREADY stopped working.


scabby mcsnoterson

i have never had a scab like this before.
no other scab can compare.
i never knew what scab was like before.

now that i’ve finished my celine-dionesque ode to my scabs, lemme tell ya: i had no idea i could seriously have this much clotted fibrin in ONE nostril. ever.

it feels like, after you’ve been REALLY sick with the snottiest cold of your life, and you wake up one morning after spending an entire night with a semi-runny nose. you know, where the thick mucus just kind of sits there, threatening to escape, but never does.

you wake up with your nose hairs [of which i have an unfortunate amount for a girl] clotted together with this glue-like substance produced by your own body. it hurts to wrinkle up your nose in disgust at the feeling [which you do anyway because your own noseĀ grosses yourself out so much] because you can feel the dried parts sticking together then ripping away from the nostril wall.

try that times ten, add blood, a heap of fibrin, and you have the scab that will not die.

i actually sat in my bed last night picking at it until i got a fairly sizable scab chunk, but it is still lingering.

hopefully the doctor will poke and prod at it friday morning long enough to loosen it so i can yank it out of my nose.

blowing doesn’t help. i tried so hard that i had to take a demarol after all was said and done. just a little bit of snot came out, but ixnay on the abscay.


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