No, my name is not Willis.

One of my coworkers [NOT pentagenarian, clicky-shoes, mini skirt lady. I actually LIKE this coworker. Most days.] looks like a much taller, much more rotund version of Gary Coleman.

And this coworker is female.

I always think of her when I see this: l_179cc45b7c944e0c6125c241d2d20cb51.gif



5 thoughts on “No, my name is not Willis.

  1. UM says:

    Now, that’s funny! Please tell me that you haven’t told her this.

  2. No way! I will never reveal this to her. It’s my own secret “haha” every time she walks by my office.

  3. The Silver Fox says:

    It would be unfortunate for a man to look like Gary Coleman. A female, Yikes!

  4. What makes it so unbelievably insane is that this woman is actually not ugly and is kind of cute!

    I have no idea how this happened.

  5. […] Gary Coleman¬†decided she would play mother hen that morning and chided me, “Don’t go inside! Stay outside for the fire drill!” […]

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