The cluster, continued.

So I got into work last night and asked for my paycheck.  You know, the one I was SUPPOSED to get via direct deposit but didn’t, due to an idiot not doing her job.

The checks were on a desk under some folders, so coworker/supervisor went to get mine.

When she handed it to me, there was writing on the outside of the envelope.


What the fuck?!

What was even more maddening than having all my financial information there for any random Joe to see, was the fact that no one else seemed to understand why this was not a good thing.

“Oh, well, she was going to go deposit some people’s checks for them, but only got a few done.”



Perhaps the most irritating thing of all?  There are signs plastered all over the place about keeping the information we work with confidential…

Except for your employees, right?

I also like how an email was sent out that a “scheduling conflict” is what prevented the direct deposits from going out.

Mkay, dumbass.

I won’t even get into the fact that it was my first night doing a different kind of work by myself [a kind of work on which I’ve had two short days of training] and that the fax machine hates me.

Pentagenarian’s birthday lunch is next week.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories to tell.


4 thoughts on “The cluster, continued.

  1. The Silver Fox says:

    That is awesome of your payroll department to break down the barriers that prevent wide spread identity theft. I’ll bet she is getting a raise.

  2. And her raise will come straight from my bank account, I bet!

  3. abarclay12 says:

    These people are outrageous. They’re probably going to figure out how to get onto your blog and then they’ll post your social security number and all your checking account info too. I mean, wtf??

  4. I saw the lady last night and gave her my meanest “go to hell, you direct-deposit dipshit” look, but she wasn’t paying attention.

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