Let me tell you something about that little-known fourth law of thermodynamics.

This, this right here, explains the working environment of both my full-time [day] and my part-time [night] jobs, hereafter referred to as “daywork” and “nightwork”:
Toothpaste For Dinner

It is currently about 89 degrees outside right now.  The heat index is probably 95.  Yesterday it hit 100 degrees, so the heat index was around 105-106.

So why am I sitting here with my heater on high? And why was it on high YESTERDAY DURING THE HEAT WAVE?

Because it is approximately 60 degrees in our bloc of offices right now.

We are in a basement [complete with mold and funky smells and construction noises] that happens to be preparing to contain our company’s servers.  They installed a new chiller [to accompany the high-powered one we already had] to make sure the servers don’t melt, crash, or otherwise fuck up our network.

Tonight, at night work, it will be about 90 degrees in the office. I’m not kidding.  Nightwork is in an old building that used to be a mill and has super high ceilings [like 100 feet. I’m not lying.] 

They even moved the server there to another part of the office [to the side that is updated aka actually has A/C that works and doesn’t have soaring ceilings].

It is still roasting.

We have fans going constantly, which dries out my contacts and makes me have to squint at my monitors.

They are not large monitors, and our linux-based system makes everything seem so tiny.

Therefore, I am hot, then cold, then hot, then hotter. With a headache. Everyday.

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten pneumonia from going between the two temperature extremes. 

And, according to the powers that be at nightwork when questioned about the A/C, “It IS fixed.”

*cough cough*


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