I swear I’m not insensitive, but this is just ridiculous.

I have decided to dub the girl who works in another department -but very close to me- Lady Criesalot.

She is a relatively sweet girl [although, sometimes, the sorority-girl-snob in her rears its ugly head, and sometimes she just acts like a complete cheeseball] of about 23, but she cries. At work. A lot. And usually in front of me.

Come to think of it, every single time she cries, it’s about a guy.

At first, it was her insanely tall and very goofy-looking boyfriend. Then, the athlete guy she began dating once ITAVG-LBF dumped her after two and a half years of dating.

Then, it was her dad, because he was being a jerk on the phone.

And countless other times, it’s been her rehashing her relationship with ITAVG-LBF.

A lot.

Yesterday morning, it was because athlete-boy is leaving.

I went into Lady Criesalot’s office to get help with untangling my fresh-from-the-shower hair from the hair elastic I had in it.

As I was turned from LC with her hands all in my hair, I asked, “Are you okay? Your eyes are red.”

She pauses, then whispers, “yeah”.  I knew she was about to cry.

Because she always talks in whispers when she’s on the verge of tears.  Not to mention, her lips turn down in what looks like a mock pouty-lip child’s face, but she’s really doing it.

The first time she did it, I almost laughed because I seriously thought she was joking.

This morning, she came into my office saying, “Do I smell like smoke?” as she began to come around to my side of my desk.

I absolutely abhor cigarette smoke in even the smallest amount, and she was about to come stick herself in my face so I could get a whiff of it.

I said, “Um, I don’t want to smell it.” (Was that mean?)

She left my office after that.

I wonder where she went.

Probably sitting in her office, whispering and crying.


4 thoughts on “I swear I’m not insensitive, but this is just ridiculous.

  1. 1120kat says:

    Quote snip “I said, “Um, I don’t want to smell it.” (Was that mean?)”

    Mean? no. Direct, honest, and to the point? Yes! I used to have to share an office with a person who cried a lot and often at work – at best it’s trying. Mean would have been *flailing hands schoolgirl-style* “ahh! Get your death stench away from my nostrils!”

    So no, you weren’t mean – I think it was perfectly called for.

  2. Don’t you love having to soothe your coworkers?

    Maybe we’re just really badass and people come cry to us hoping some of our badassishness will rub off on them.

  3. The Silver Fox says:

    Sometimes my co-workers make me want to cry. It has not happened yet. Mostly because rage sets in before I start to tear up.

  4. Same here. I get work rage stemming from “I don’t want to listen to another story about your sorority”-rage and “I can’t believe I share a workplace with someone so stupid”-rage.

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