Thothe people with lithpth

Oh. My. Gah.

I just realized that there is a FOURTH person- grown-up person– that I know who has a lisp.

And I also realized this: all four of these people work in very close proximity to me.

What if lisps are contagiouth…?


Thith lithp ith worthe than otherth I’ve heard.

Seriously, now.  Didn’t these people have speech therapy in elementary school?

What else is weird, though, is that I also know THREE people who obviously used to have a lisp, but DID undergo speech therapy.  They have a weird non-lisp with some ssss-y undertones.

I can’t quite explain it, but if you’ve ever heard it, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.


2 thoughts on “Thothe people with lithpth

  1. Chris says:

    yes…yes i do. my best friend growing up had a lisp and everyone made fun of him. i mean its tough enough growing up in brooklyn and all of your “th’s” sound like “f’s”, like earf and bref. But throw a lisp on top of that and that’s just asking for getting your ass beat. Which he did, time and time again. But you know what, he took therapy and has improved. Although last i saw him he still had problems with Phil Collins’ Sussudio song.

  2. Thuthudio is therioth buthineth!

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