I just want to go to Canada

OK. You know I live in the Southeastern United States and that I, for the most part, love it here.

But lately, I just want to take a week off, get a plane ticket, and fly to Canada.



a) it is about 70 degrees there and that, to me, equals awesome
b) I’ve heard Canada is super clean. like SUPER.
c) it’d be a hell of a lot cheaper than Europe, and they probably don’t hate people from the U.S. there as much.
d) did i mention the weather?
e) did i mention that with the heat index it’s about 109 degrees (F) here?

I also heard you can get milk in a bag in Canada. I want to see it.


One thought on “I just want to go to Canada

  1. Frisky says:

    I highly recommend a visit to Canada! We’re clean, we’re mostly polite (you know all those stories you hear about how Canadians apologise for everything – including stuff we didn’t do! Like if you bump someone on a subway, chances are good that they’ll say sorry), and we have colour-coded money!

    Plus, if you ever visit western Canada, a great way to make friends is to say “boy, I hate Toronto!” It’s like the magic phrase.

    And it’s not 109F here anymore!

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