Oh, hey, Big Brother.

It recently came to my attention that, in our NEW building [ETC: undetermined], we will not be allowed to have “stuff like that.”

“Stuff like that” meaning “anything that shows you have a personality and brings a little whimsy to your office.”

This was revealed to me when I told my boss I’d like to get a bulletin board for all my “fun stuff.”

She also told me that everything will be “streamlined” when I said “It’s not gonna be one of those ‘you can only have one file on your desk at a time’ situations, is it?”

Translation: offices that are boring as hell and all look the same.

We don’t even get to pick HAVE colors.  Because it looks too much like a “crayon box”.

A new building might be the beginning continuation of a lot of bullshit.

p.s. Yes, I’m still trying to get out of here.


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