Only me -or- That’s the story of my life

So, last week, I went on vacation to see my friends in New Hampshire. It was really nice up there, not too cold until the end of the week.

Let me give you a rundown on the things that happened while I was there:

– fell down the stairs
– hit my knee on my friend’s car and bruised it all to hell
– tripped and nearly fell down CONCRETE stairs
– had my brand new James Patterson book chewed by a pug [but only on the corners]
– stepped in a huge puddle on one of the cold nights
– accidentally said “Y’all have a good night” to some trick-or-treaters and their dad laughed at me [we were in New Hampshire]
– hit my head on a big pipe while stepping up to a platform in a sushi restaurant.

Other than those things, my trip was awesome. We went to the Salem Witch museum, Boston, Newburyport in Mass (best sushi EVER at Szechuan Taste, Sushi Yen & Thai Cafe), Kittery Maine, and a bunch of little towns in NH.

Before I left on my adventure, I’d gotten word from a CRO that I’d gotten a job i’d applied for there.

I haggled about salary a bit and got close to what I wanted.

I’d interviewed at a different CRO earlier and hadn’t heard back yet.

Monday before I left, I formally accepted the job I was offered.

Two days later, I received an email from CRO 2 that I hadn’t gotten the job [at the interview, they told me I was overqualified].

Two days after THAT, I was in Salem, MA when I got a voicemail from CRO 2 wanting me to interview for a higher position than the one I’d previously come in for.

end a sentence with a preposition why don’t you.

Anyway, I decided to go for it and take the second interview. They scheduled it for November 5th.

CRO 1 sent me papers via FedEx that I was to sign and fax back upon my return (Nov 5), accepting the job.

You can see my conundrum, can’t you?

So Monday, after carefully reviewing the paperwork, making sure I wouldn’t be carted off to jail if I didn’t actually show up after signing the stuff, I faxed it off.

Half an hour later, I trotted off to my interview with CRO 2.

It went pretty well, if you ignore the fact that I KNOW my face was red for a large part of the interview.

Oh, and if you ignore the fact that, right at the end as I was leaving, I looked over in the lobby and saw THE RECRUITER I WAS WORKING WITH FOR THE JOB AT CRO 1!!!!!!!

Seriously, now. What the fuck?

But, it seems that recruiter girl may have been applying for a job there, too. I mean, why else would she be sitting in the lobby of her company’s number one competitor?

Tomorrow my boss gets back from the convention she was on her way to when I told her I was leaving.

I’m interested to see how she act.

Oh p.s. Chad Michael Murray aka THIS DOUCHE FROM ONE TREE HILL: 1_chadmichaelmurray1.jpg

was on my flight from my town to my connecting flight.  He made sure to sit at a different gate and pull out a script or something and talk really loudly about it with his assistant.  I had my headphones on pretty high and I could STILL hear him.

When we got to our destination, his gate (Flight to Los Angeles) was right across from my gate to Boston.  He sat in the seats reserved for special-needs travelers because it was facing the aisle and he apparently expected a rush of “fans” to come up to him.

No one did.



2 thoughts on “Only me -or- That’s the story of my life

  1. Myself says:

    I used to live in NH (now in VT) so I enjoyed your commentary quite thoroughly. And CMM is a douchebag.

  2. abarclay12 says:

    HA Ha – Chad Murray Micheal “reading scrips” trying to pre-board because he’s has special celebrity needs. That is hilarious just thinking about it.

    Sorry about your book. I have a pug, and they’re chewers, those little bastards.

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