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Over lunch, I came up with another great theme day: DEVO.  Dress in all black, wear my glasses [they are black and plastic and mighty, mighty thick]

I’m almost embarassed at how awesome the idea is.

Or Mike Myers’s “Sprockets” character.

I might need to compile a list into fives, then plan a theme day for each workday, taking weekends off.

If anyone knows where I can get a Devo hat to complete my new idea, let me know.


Theme Days

Lately, I’ve been really into “theme dressing”.

Not for anyone else, really, but just to amuse myself.

Themes thus far:

– Crazy Mexican lady/Mexican five-year-old: skinny jeans with an oversized yellow embroidered short-sleeved [puffy, no less] sun dress.  Slap a sombrero on me and call me Maria.

– Equestrian: leggings, knee-high boots, black tunic, long sweater.  Only jodhpurs and a riding crop could’ve made the outfit any better.

– Count of Monte Cristo: skinny jeans, black knee-high boots, brown long tank top and a cape-like black jacket.  This is my look for today.  Give me a sword.

I can’t wait to get pictures of all this.

And yes, I dress like this at work. We have a casual dress policy unless we’re having a sponsor or big-wig visit.

My next plan is old Chinese lady. I have the perfect vintage shirt and wooden flip flops with dragons on them.

Other ideas:

– Roadie
– Zookeeper
– Grandmother
– Mod from Quadrophenia, male version

Any ideas?

Dead girl walking.

I am running on <4 hours of sleep.

I have puffy-eye and my coworkers have been saying “you look exhausted” or “you look like you’re in a bad mood.”

yes for the first, no for the second.

although i WAS in a semi-bad mood when i got a ranting comment on my “smiling sex offenders” entry

then i did some research and found out that the commenter well, you know.

if you don’t like this blog, don’t read it.

or, don’t fuck 14 year olds.

your choice.