Theme Days

Lately, I’ve been really into “theme dressing”.

Not for anyone else, really, but just to amuse myself.

Themes thus far:

– Crazy Mexican lady/Mexican five-year-old: skinny jeans with an oversized yellow embroidered short-sleeved [puffy, no less] sun dress.  Slap a sombrero on me and call me Maria.

– Equestrian: leggings, knee-high boots, black tunic, long sweater.  Only jodhpurs and a riding crop could’ve made the outfit any better.

– Count of Monte Cristo: skinny jeans, black knee-high boots, brown long tank top and a cape-like black jacket.  This is my look for today.  Give me a sword.

I can’t wait to get pictures of all this.

And yes, I dress like this at work. We have a casual dress policy unless we’re having a sponsor or big-wig visit.

My next plan is old Chinese lady. I have the perfect vintage shirt and wooden flip flops with dragons on them.

Other ideas:

– Roadie
– Zookeeper
– Grandmother
– Mod from Quadrophenia, male version

Any ideas?


4 thoughts on “Theme Days

  1. jimsmuse says:

    Any character in Pulp Fiction. I vote for “Pumpkin/Ringo” – a crazy Hawaiian shirt and a big ol’ gun.

  2. Oh, yes. You, my dear, are a genius.

  3. jimsmuse says:

    Just let me know when you do. My workplace is also pretty casual, and I’m dying to wear my black suit and walk around all day saying, “English, motherfu**er, do you speak it?”

  4. Elvi Patterson! says:

    All you need is a top hat, a cane, a monocle, and a moustache. Actually, you just need the monocle and the moustache. wear those and talk like a proper sophisicated gentleman. I’ve been doing it at bars where I live and it’s awesome. Also, make random people wear the monocle and take pictures. I did this at this friends wedding I had to go to and it was the hit of the search party.

    You’re welcome,

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