Various and sundry items.

Today I:

  • held a baby. he slept the whole time. and draped his arm over mine like “hey, this is comfy”
  • found out that the people at work are doing something for my birthday. WHICH IS TOMORROW. I WILL BE 29. I DO NOT FEEL TWENTY-NINE YEARS OLD. According to most people, I don’t look it, either. I sure as hell don’t act like it.
  • the way I found out people at work are doing something for my birthday was to stand at my coworker’s cube, casually glance at her open email portal, and not-on-purpose look for my name. There it was, plain as day “What do y’all think we should do for Thefreshcracker‘s 29th Birthday?” I then brought up my bad eyesight so no one would suspect what I saw.


Also: there is one thing I do, but never discuss with anyone:

Watch ALL movies [even those in English] with subtitles on. And I like it.

And finally: if you want to know what I look like when I’m making an evil face with a Boxer on my chest, here you go:


2 thoughts on “Various and sundry items.

  1. Red says:

    Did everyone miss this one?
    Hope you had a great birthday!

  2. Thank you, my dear!!

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