Attention internet jerks and spam-folk.

By googling “myspace cracker” and landing on my blog you will in no way, shape, or form get tips on how to crack other peoples’ myspace passwords, etc.

Don’t you have better ways to use your time than trying to hack into the myspace of some ho from your middle school so you can post mean messages to all your enemies?


However, if you google “zelda pet sematary”, “sister pet sematary”, or “scariest woman”, well, welcome to the goldmine.


One thought on “Attention internet jerks and spam-folk.

  1. 2lazydogs says:

    Damn, I’m busted. I was totally looking for info on cracking myspace passwords and I landed here. Please don’t tell my 15 yr. old boyfriend (I was just tryin’ to see if he was cheatin’ on me). Bah!

    Saw you over at Pictures of Doom and thought I’d check in. You be funny missy. I need more funny in my life…consider yourself blogrolled…and thanks for the laughs!

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