Because, that’s why.

My all-time favorite movie genre is horror.

One of my all-time favorite websites is the site for the Archie McPhee store in Seattle.

When the two come together, I get a new posse.

Here are my new posse members:

And here I am with them:

Don’t hate.  Even the people at work who think I’m a total weirdo were enamored of them and honored when I passed a few of them out.  They decorate quite a few computer monitors in the R&E department now.

p.s. my hair is all done up because I had just gotten home from a wedding.  A wedding that started THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATE. True story.  I don’t make this shit up.


6 thoughts on “Because, that’s why.

  1. bronsonfive says:

    You’re fingering a bunch of dudes.

  2. I know. Kinkyyyyyyy.

    Oh wait, one’s a girl. Momentary lapse of lesbianism!

  3. Red says:


  4. romi41 says:

    I would sooo be beggin’ to be your best friend at work if I could have one of those at my desk…my fave is the second one from the left with the eyeball coming out… 🙂

  5. I gave my boss the one missing the top of its head because she’s constantly going “Oh, my BRAIN!”

    I THINK she thought it was funny.

    p.s. Romi: I think you and I would make perfect work buddies; you should see all the awesome stuff I keep at my desk that some people think is “weird”. You and I both know it’s cool.

  6. I love those finger puppets, too cool. I brought home all of my work toys today, so that I could stimulate myself @ home and my hubby made fun of me!

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