Things adults should never say = things I have heard adults say

“Let’s see if there’s a Bucky’s around.  I could go for a latte.”A grown man  Any person alive should not refer to Starbucks as “Bucky’s.” Ever.

“Dere’s go.” – A former coworker would say this CONSTANTLY instead of “There we go”.  Someone has spent a little too much time around her grandkids.

“my ‘rents” – Are you seriously too lazy to fully say the word “parents”? Plus, ” ‘rents ” just sounds stupid.

“cool beans” – I’m sorry, I just have a personal hatred for anyone who uses this term.  Where are these beans and why are they so cool?

“chillax” – Are you on your way to the frat house to “bro down” with your homeboys before the kegger tonight?

“liberry”, “valentime’s day”, or “birfday” – if you are over the age of five, you should probably have your dental fricatives down pat.  I’m looking at YOU, ex-bosslady.

Anything that is said in a baby-voice or a squeal – there is a FORTY YEAR OLD woman in my office who speaks this way on a daily basis. It makes me want to rip my eardrums to shreds with my scissors.



2 thoughts on “Things adults should never say = things I have heard adults say

  1. izziedarling says:

    Birfday, liberry, hear it all the time from the middle ages. Thought it was communal speech impediment. Also hear “Valingtimes” – really murder on the ears, glad it comes around just one day a year. Can’t help you out on the “cool beans”, either. Have you noticed how people talk in “threes”? Good, good, good or yeah, yeah, yeah. What is that about?

  2. Odomus says:

    Ok you are the first person that I know of online, prob in real life(though if you think about it this is real life, cause I woudnt be typing if i wasent alive) too. That has a problem with chillax…. that one just pisses me off, heck even telling me to ‘chill’ or ‘relax’ period pisses me off you think you want to rip out or scratch out your eardrums, I want to do it to them. Since they obviously dont listen to themselves why do they need their eardrums. Sorry but this is a good reason to learn signlanguage now… make them learn it.

    Cool Beans I can explain… which is sad… remember the Movie Speed Racer… yeh, there you go. Since it being all human like that is why alot of people picked it up. Really really sad and bad.

    I have heard, rents… gosh, when people were trying to be cool back int he 80’s it didnt catch on, but people STILL try and use it once in a while.

    The others I have never heard of before actually.

    What I guess you dont go through, but I hate it when people ‘text’ talk to me. I guess it would be called ‘txt tlk’ and ‘leet spk’ i guess? In Emails, mails, IM’s, anywhere where you dont have to worry about space or lengh of characters.
    Frankly I literally get a physical headache, when people talk/type like that. My Brain actually hurts… I cant exaplin it. It happens in text messaging, BUT, not to the extent of IM’s, Emails, and Mails(PM type).

    Sorry for my little rant, but it just pisses me off. Lucky for me I didnt go off topic.

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