Hating what you’ve become…

When I was a kid, I always noticed when teachers did the “lick your thumb to separate the pages when you’re handing out worksheets” thing.

I hated it.

I always dreaded being the kid whose paper was touched by the next fresh lick. I didn’t want my teacher’s spit all over my paper and possibly my hands, face, etc!

This especially happened when we had certain substitute teachers.  I loved getting the lazy ones, because I knew they’d have a fellow student [or me] pass out papers and there would be no licking.

Cut to modern day: I was standing in one of our file rooms at work, sifting through a stack of paper and stamping each page.

The pages kept sticking together.


I can’t believe I’ve become a finger-licker-paper-separator!


3 thoughts on “Hating what you’ve become…

  1. odomus says:

    You know what I agree….

    I did that recently, I work nights, and as a guard, during the rain, winds and such, my papaers stick together, I never thought about it but… recently I jsut did that… and it is even worse when you have been touching car door handles all night (mind you we all know… or dont know where they have been cept outside and touched by who not know who) … one begins to think… what have I ingested.

    Thank you for posting, I will be keeping a Clorox Wipes in my car now… Just so I can wipe after I have been touching who knows what.

  2. breaaire says:

    Ohhh, and the parents that LICK their fingers or hand to clean/slick their kids’ face/hair?!? Ack! As a parent, I refuse to ever do that… instead, if my kids had dirtyface, I had THEM lick a napkin or somesuch, and use it to wipe their own face. Only if there was no water nearby… blech… *shudder*

    LOL, thanks for the laugh today!

  3. odomus says:

    I did find the best way instead of l;icking, for face though…I dont have kids but I have young cousins…. cottenelle(?sp) disposeable wipes, they are flushable… they might not me antibacterial(which is what I would want), but they are a good cleaning moist napkin thing, that can stay in a purse or a car… great thing and cheap too, $1.95 at walmart for a package of I think it was 40. 80 was 3 something.

    But I agree, you odnt know where your kids face has been or who has been around it, sneezing or throwing their germs onto your kids face. next thing you know besides them, you are now sick and you wonder WHY you are sick though you ahve been nowhere close to a sick person….Oh wait you were when you LICKED YOUR KIDS FACE! *rolls eyes*

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