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Not a crazy cat lady

As you may know, I am completely in love with my cat Lucy.  This is a picture of her laying claim to the giant cat tree her Aunt Katie gave her:

Anywho, I love animals. Well, except ferrets, but I digress.

There is an awesome place in California where a lady [plus volunteers] houses over 700 cats and kittens (and some dogs!).  After watching this video by a guy named Jack Perez:

Go make a donation and read more about all the awesome:


The past few weeks of my life, in picture

A haiku about (nearly) the grossest meal ever

safari steakhouse

pasta tasted like lemon

that shit was nasty

This weekend I fought a gator

Okay, so I didn’t really “fight” it, per se.  It was more like a “stand at the edge of the pond and take pictures” sort of deal.



It apparently sits so close to the edge of the pond because random doucheknockers keep coming and feeding it. Illegal, bro.

I also saw a garrison flag that basically changed the course of history: did you know that Booth and his conspirators had initially planned to only kidnap Lincoln (I’m assuming for both political and monetary reasons) but their plan was thwarted when Lincoln went to see this particular flag instead of attending a play like originally planned….

*adjusts suspenders, pushes up glasses, snorts like Erkel*

I am not afraid of you and I will beat your ass

…is a great album title.  See also: Yo La Tengo.

In other news: mosquito season has been upon us for quite some time.  You can also read that as “I have been pissed off daily for quite some time.”

I swear, these things have mutated this year and left me miserable and itchy.

I currently have at least six active bites (one of which is on Hildette, my left boob as it is called post-operation BLast)

Wait, have I ever told you about operation BLast?  That’s a story for another time.

Anywho, these bites are basically ruining my life. End hyperbole.

Today I acquired another in broad daylight while attempting to carry my cat indoors; I ended up dirty, with one mosquito bite, a reactive bite that can only be classified as “other” and huge arm scratches.

Thanks, Mr. United States Postal Carrier, for picking the exact moment I’m carrying my cat indoors to start up your mail scooter truck and peel out of the parking lot.

My scratched and bloodied arm appreciates your taking the time to scare the shit out of my cat.