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I love Antoine Dodson

this is the remix of his hilarious interview. watch it. now. this includes you, creepers.


things that bother me, list 3

– when I introduce myself to someone, very clearly pronouncing my name  and they reply, “Nice to meet you, [some other wrong pronunciation of my name].”

– the fact that someone in my company had to have a chart similar to this:

– the fact that the above mentioned dumbass took the chart down after being ridiculed by others in her office. i had to create the above pictured diagram in lieu of an actual photo.

– this whole  “being nervous around people” thing i’ve got going on lately. there can be people i’ve known for YEARS and i still get nervous when i see them. what the hell is that?

– stemming from the nervousness, always thinking people won’t remember me.  i don’t see someone for a while, then see them somewhere random, think they don’t remember me, so i don’t speak. then who looks like the asshole? this cracker right here.

– people who don’t reply to text messages. seriously, just common courtesy of saying “i don’t feel like eating dinner out tonight/with you/ever again” will suffice. most of us aren’t comprised entirely of baby girls; we can take it. 

– clicky shoes that women wear in the office. you may remember me mentioning this previously, but this time it’s almost worse because the lady who sits behind me wears them every. single. day. she also doesn’t celebrate birthdays which is weird to me, and i’m still unclear on the “bless you” thing if she sneezes.

All is vanity

is the title of this picture:

Vanity plates are what I keep seeing around town.

Some of note:

“HAGG1S” – Scottish and proud of it, or just a conneseiur of nasty cuisine? Either way, I’d give this guy a high-five.

“m$ pri$$” – Oh, really? I’d also like to high-five this driver. IN THE FACE.

“ss smo” – Did the license plate maker have Tourette’s, are you a not-so-closet Nazi, or are you obssessed with the word ‘osmosis’ but say it funny?

“Do U Boo” – Oh, do you? Boo?