How the…

Today is my first day working actually IN the office all week.  I have been craving sleep like crack and decided that working from home Monday and Tuesday would be the best way to maximize my sleep while still reporting to work on time. And it was.  My alarm went off 8 minutes before time to work so I was able to get up, feed the cat, and get crackin’.

It’s amazing how focused I was at home, even with the knowledge that my glorious bed and an even more glorious guest bed were mere steps away.  However, I got my ass on the computer and reviewed and reviewed and reviewed.

I was going to take a nap, even laid down with my glasses off, then decided to get up and finish working. And I worked until after quittin’ time.

So why, pray tell, am I so distracted and blah today IN the office (where there are no beds present, except maybe the mythical cot in HR that people have mentioned but I’ve never seen)? Could it be the time change? Could I possibly have mono AGAIN?

sidenote: The last time I was sick for an extended period (before the tonsillectomy of 2012) they gave me a mono test. “You don’t have mono now, but you have had it in the past,” they said. News to me. Probably a present from my awful, assholey, yellow-testicled ex-boyfriend.

But I digress.  I have shoved a bagel and a Coke Zero down my throat. Still spacey.

Maybe I need to go home, ignore my bed(s) and finish the day.

In other news: my dreams are becoming FAR too literal.  I was thinking yesterday how I relayed my visit to Chichen Itza to a friend, then realized I dreamed the whole thing.  I distinctly remember describing the small steps of el Castillo and the rope that was the only means of stability as I climbed. I even remember the clammy palms I had saying, “I was scared shitless, but I did it anyway.  Being at the top made me uneasy, but I got a picture to prove it. I’m getting sweaty palmed just thinking about it.”

p.s. my palms smell like potatoes when I sweat. God knows.

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