I hope I won’t owe anyone a Coke

I am accident prone. I am sometimes known as “bad-luck Laurie,” and I have claimed to have the best bad luck of anyone out there.

I hope I defy my nature after this entry is complete, so I will bravely soldier forth in writing it.

I. Love. My. Job. and. My. Boss.

Last November, I was going on several months of “having had it” with my job.  I had a friend, however, who was so far beyond “having had it” and was basically the victim of a dickhead boss who lit into her for no reason, mounds of unwarranted stress, and the constant fear that she’d be fired.

So I considered myself a bit luckier than she.

In my quest to help her find a new and better job (which, thank the Good Lord, she has done), I stumbled upon a job with my own company that metaphorically had my name written all over it.

I didn’t even know this type of job actually existed at my company, yet it was the exact thing I’d been looking for.

Lemme ‘splain: in my old department, anytime someone needed a document formatted, proofread, hell, WRITTEN, they came to me.

One day, I mused to myself, “If this was my job all the time, that’d be rad!”

This job, oh, this job was pretty much it!

So, I thought, “They want two years of experience and being an English major helps.  I have 5.5 years of experience and am a proud English alumna. Check and mate.”

So I applied.

And I crossed my fingers and hoped to die (figuratively) and all that jazz (maybe with literal jazz hands).

And I got it.

And I love it.

And I have awesome coworkers who are smart, take turns backing everyone up, and are just good people.

Even when I work until 2am and get hives on my lips from being nervous about deadlines, I still love it.

My boss is cool and is not a micromanager in the least (did I mention I can work from home when I want?)  Just today, she has written me TWO nice emails that made me very happy and feel more secure about my abilities.

So, I hope I don’t jinx it and have something happen.

Because, you know, Bad Luck Laurie and all.

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