A Few Things About Me

  • I am in my thirties.
  • I am an NC girl, born and raised, and I will probably die here.
  • I didn’t get my license until several months after I turned 16 because I was PETRIFIED of driving.
  • I am legally blind without vision correction.  That would be -9.5 in the left eye and -9.0 in the right. With astigmatism.
  • I have two siblings and they are badass. So are my Mom and Dad.
  • I have 4 tattoos. Planning on several more.
  • Worms on the sidewalk disgust me.
  • Other than worms, I can stomach almost any sight, smell, or discussion.
  • I am a Christian, but not in that “hellfire and brimstone” way. I believe in the Grace of God and I don’t try to force what I believe on anyone.
  • I live nine miles from the beach and am the palest person I know.
  • I didn’t get drunk for the first time until I was 22.
  • I am incredibly clumsy. I often fall while in the privacy of my own home, due partly to the miscellany of items on my floor, and mostly to my screwed-up coordination. Or lack thereof.
  • I didn’t study at all in college and still maintained an okay GPA.
  • I learned to read before I was 4 years old.
  • I have lived alone for years and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
  •  …except go from a DDD to a C.
  • I am addicted to Coke Zero. Literally.
  • I like my steak medium rare.
  • I love, love, love horror movies and will watch just about anything involving ghosts, zombies, slashers, etc.
  • I am fascinated with stories about serial killers and forensic science. (Did you know you body cools an average of 1 degree per hour after death, depending on clothing, body fat, and environment?)
  • I once watched my car go up in flames on the side of Interstate 40… during a hurricane evacuation.
  • I work in clinical research. I used to love it. Then I hated it. Now I love it again because I’m involved with document review and editing.
  • Before that, I coordinated housing and rotations for medical students. I did NOT love it. EVER.
  • I plan on spending my next a birthday [before I die] in Dublin, Ireland.
  • I LOVE the show Supernatural.
  • I do almost all my clothes shopping online. For me, it beats the hassle of going to a store. I seldom have to return anything, so it works out well.
  • I am both a cat person AND a dog person.
  • I will watch anything that features Morgan Freeman, Mandy Patinkin, or Mark Addy (look him up; you won’t believe all the various roles he’s played).
  • The furthest West I’ve ever traveled is Tennessee.
  • The furthest South I’ve ever traveled is Chichen Itza, Mexico.
  • I absolutely LOVE Louis Armstrong.
  • I collect skeleton keys.
  • I had a best friend for five years who turned out to be the most toxic person I’ve ever met. Live and learn.
  • I’m a sucker for dudes with tattoos.  As long as they’re not the homemade redneck kind.
  • Once a year, I break out in idiopathic hives and get the flu. Not at the same time, though.
  • My fingernails grow at an unnaturally rapid rate (gross). My toenails, however, keep a pretty slow schedule.
  • I hate tomatoes, but will eat almost anything tomato-based: salsa (only the smooth kind though), ketchup, marinara.
  • While I am mainly a horror fanatic, I absolutely love the move “Everafter”. I watch it on a regular basis.
  • I never listen to the radio. Not really on purpose, but that’s how it is.  I have no concept of popular songs unless someone points one out to me (then I usually love it).

2 thoughts on “A Few Things About Me

  1. hey — i don’t know how you managed to find my blog — you must have link-back capabilities, because i hyperlinked your Zelda-from-Pet-Sematary post. i’m glad you were cool with getting hyperlinked.

    we review horror movies, an average of 20-25 per blogger throughout the month of october every year. if you have a bit of time, i recommend reading some. click on the link entitled “horrorthon monster list” on the sidebar for the complete list of reviewed films.

    thanks again, for the link and for commenting.

  2. i’m glad i found your blog! thanks for linking to my post; i will definitely be keeping up with your site.

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