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Oh my….

nothing like waiting all week to get some billable work, then finding out you won’t get it until Friday morning.

Then finding out it isn’t the draft you thought it was and it’s incomplete.

Then finding out the sponsor is being assy.

Then finding out the document is not the usual 60 – 150 pages you’re used to, but rather 281 pages of death.


But, let’s look on the bright side: the writer is nice and very smart, my scheduling chick knows I’m working hard, and I STILL love my job.

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Words and stuff

I just told my friend that I’m proud of her. 

And it got me thinking of where the origins of that phrase lie, and how weird it actually sounds. Do people for whom English isn’t a first language think it’s weird? 

I am proud of you. I am proud of you. I am proud of you.

It keeps sounding weirder.

It’s like that time I kept repeating the word “cup” to myself until it sounded utterly alien and I was like “WTF?”

Can you tell I’m not busy today?


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