Uh, whoa.

This picture looks like a picture of Albert Einstein. Correct?

Now, get up from your chair and stand fifteen or so feet back.

Who do you see now?


6 thoughts on “Uh, whoa.

  1. bronsonfive says:

    I dont have that much space in my office. What is it?!?

  2. None other than Miss Marilyn Monroe.


  3. Cool Amanda says:

    Holy crap…it works if you cross your eyes as well!

  4. romi41 says:

    shit, I thought that was Shirley Temple…lol..I need glasses…

  5. Red says:

    CoooOoOoool! I sooo stood up.

  6. lamecasper says:

    hahaha!!! that is crazy! i crossed my eyes too because i didn’t have 15 ft available behind me.

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